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Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis

Letters to the Prime Minister
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Mr. Harper’s Promise to Firearms Owners

In a letter dated 15 December 2006, Garry Breitkreuz, MP, CPC wrote:

We have been united in our 12-year fight to repeal Bill C-68. I will never give up and I hope you will stay with us until it [The Firearms Act] is dead and gone.

I leave you with the promise then leadership candidate Stephen Harper made to us all in January 2002:

I [Mr. Harper] was and still am in total agreement with the statement made in the House of Commons by former Reform Leader Preston Manning on 13 June 1995:

Bill C-68, if passed into law will not be a good law. It will be a blight on the legislative record of the government, a law that fails the three great tests of constitutionality, of effectiveness and of democratic consent to f the governed. What should be the fate of a bad a law? It should be repealed ... .’
Bill C-68 [The Firearms Act] has proven to be a bad law and has created a bureaucratic nightmare for both gun owners and the government. As Leader of the Official Opposition, I will use all powers afforded to me as Leader and continue our party’s fight to repeal Bill C-68 and replace it with a firearms control system that is cost effective and respects the rights of Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly.

Rest assured Garry Breitkreuz will never betray the firearms community.

The Promise of the Conservatives while Serving as the Loyal Opposition

“There is only one to fix this mess and that is to elect a Conservative government. We promise to repeal Bill C-68 and return the gun laws to the way they were before 1995. Then I personally promise that I will start the task of fixing all the flaws in federal firearm laws by requiring that they be subjected to a public safety test administered by the Auditor General of Canada. My proposal includes a sunset clause on all gun control laws that have been proven by the Auditor General not to be cost effective at reducing the criminal use of firearms and improving public safety.”

Garry Breitkreuz, M.P. Yorkton-Melville (SK)
Conservative Firearms Critic
House of Commons
08 July 2005