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A Cancer of the Soul

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Reasons to ‘Vote Green!’

To all who believe in self-defence:

Herewith is the explanation of our reasons to “Vote Green”.

All three main political parties - Liberal, Conservatives, and NDP - support all facets of the Firearms Act as created by Bill C-68 (1995). These three parties together accumulate about 90% of the total vote at each federal election.

The Liberal Bill C 68 was based on a lie and was touted as necessary for peace and good order.1 In seventeen years it has proven worthless at preventing crime and saving lives.2

The government of Stephen Harper won the election in 2006 by first publicly committing themselves to Repealing Bill C-68, and thus won the support of those opposed to Bill C-68.3 That is how they defeated the Liberals. Since then Mr. Harper has steadfastly refused to keep his promise and CPC Policy and has even increased his support of the nefarious objective of the licencing firearms owners that makes the mere possession of a firearm illegal.

We believe emphatically that we, as Canadians, were all born with the Right and Obligation to defend our lives, the lives of family and friends, and to protect our many forms of property from theft, encroachment and damage. As long as our potential oppressors are armed we must be equally as well armed in order to fulfill that obligation and Right. We are not so stupid as to wish to take a knife to a gunfight!

Our electoral system provides an opportunity for us to deny all three major parties a majority win and thus to avoid the certainty of progressive laws leading to the seizure of all privately owned firearms. This we will do by temporarily shifting our vote to the Greens.

Thus we take advantage of strategic voting, which is used in many European countries to force major political parties away from dictatorial practices. In 2008 we, along with other groups, decided that voting Green would achieve our desired end result and 350,000 voters left the major parties and voted Green. Stephen Harper won only a bare minority and our point was made.

Then, by the clever introduction of Bill C-19 to eliminate the long gun registry the Conservatives were able to persuade a large number of less than clever hunters and target shooters that our problems were over. The wishful dreamers returned to vote for the CPC in 2011 but afterwards quickly found that once again they had been duped.

As long as lawful citizens are required to seek permission from government functionaries to do what is a God-given Right we are under unacceptable oppression and must seek any and all remedies. Voting Green is one of the most effective remedies because it threatens the candidates from all three major parties.

At this moment there are 58 of 308 House of Commons seats that were won in 2011 by a margin of less than three thousand votes. It is impossible to predict which party will be successful in 2015, especially if five or ten percent of our voters decide to vote Green.

Voting strategically is lawful, undeniable, and costless. Voting Green strategically is the most sensible choice for us because the Green Party exists and fields candidates in every Riding in Canada. Please Note Well: the Greens are not a threat to form the government. The only alternative would be to create a new Party and run candidates in every Riding. In the short and medium term that would be impossible. We need action now!

For those who argue that the present policy of the Green Party is to support gun control we answer, “So what!” Party Policy is decided by a majority of party members. With several million gun owners, ten dollars in hand seeking membership, it is not difficult to guess how quickly the Greens would cease supporting the Gun Grab. Prior to Elizabeth May becoming Green Party Leader, the Green Party Policy Book supported the hunter as the primary game conservator. I have been able to ascertain that many Green sympathizers still believe that to be true.

Therefore, we advocate that every supporter of gun ownership agree to Vote Green at the next election, and advertise that intention far and wide. This will give the Conservatives time to consider their options. And do what they promised!

For those who do not wish to fulfill their right of self-defence we deplore your weakness but we will not try to impede in any way your voluntary slide down the slippery slope to serfdom.

For our part, we maintain our Right of armed self-defence.

Willy Floyd
Box 193 Westbridge,
British Columbia V0H 2B0?
(250) 446-2242


1. RCMP Commissioner says Justice Department Misrepresented Statistics for Firearms and Violent Crime During Debate of C-68

2. Gary A. Mauser; Hubris in the North: The Canadian Firearms Registry

3. “There is only one way to fix this mess and that is to elect a Conservative government.
“We promise to repeal Bill C-68 and return gun laws to the way they were before 1995.”
- Garry Breitkreuz, MP?Yorkton-Melville,?Conservative Firearms Critic